Why are you here?

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our creativity space.

The humble kiwifruit can teach us much about the value of science. We learn that the external is often just a protective layer over that which provides beauty and function in design; that fruitful ideas are found in unlikely places; that successful outcomes are dependent on assistance from people with the keenest experience; and that our perceptions can be challenged by deep thought.

However the kiwifruit is also bounded by science. Clonal, particular, low in diversity, left behind by innovation in science. We, however are not.

We promise to often you candid, honest, practical advice, distilled into packets of knowledge that when coupled with your experience, your desires, and your vision will deliver a far greater outcome than you had once imagined. And we promise to make it affordable through delivery of realistic goals.

Disrupt old methods, innovate, explore and captivate. What have you to lose?

- Dan Fischl and Michelle Edwards