Giving an ear to matters of agricultural and fermentation sciences to enhance and strengthen your business

Living at the crossroads of technical viticulture, ag innovation, climate change adaption and organic ecosystem generation. Providing customized bespoke solutions to meet fermentation goals and product development. 

Daniel Fischl on the Israel-Lebanon Border conducting vineyard quality assessments and improving cross-cultural relations.

Work past and present: 

                                                                                                              -Linnaea Vineyards- Heathcote, AUS and Italy         

-David Abreu Vineyard Management (Napa Valley)                -Geelong and Macedon Victoria                                       -Xinjiang Xangdu (China)                                                             -Sparkplug Consulting (Melbourne, AUS)

-Fanagoria Winery (Russia)                                                           -CSIRO (Australia) solid substrate work

-Bat Shlomo, Dalton, Tabor (Israel)                                             -Cannabis research (Melbourne, AUS)

- Casa Madero (Mexico)                 

-Arizona Vineyard Development

-Cornell Vineyards (Sonoma Valley, California)

-Bryant Family Vineyards (Napa Valley, California)





Michelle Edwards in Barolo, Italy assessing Nebbiolo maturity and flavour profile with daughter in tow.

About us


About us pages always seem rather like a vain exercise in tooting one's own horn (or rather trumpet in our case). Alas, we will endeavor to share some information as clearly and succinctly as possible so as to avoid wasting your time and some eye-rolling.

Daniel Fischl is an international viticultural/agricultural advisor and principal scientist of Eartrumpet Consulting. He trained through PhD research in molecular genomics  and has been a consultant of precision viticulture fo the past 20 years. Daniel travels the globe advising and lecturing on grapevine physiology, grapevine nutrition and the management of berry chemistry for high quality wines, structuring solutions that are uniquely specific to each variety, rootstock, soil type and climate. His current focus is on providing affordable novel constructs in all crops to combat the effects of climate change into our warming future, driven by hard science, smart ecology, and sustainability.

Michelle Edwards has formal degrees in Oenology/VIticulture and Anthropology and currently operates as the winemaker at Linnaea Vineyards in Melbourne, Australia. Her areas of keen interest and expertise reside in fermentation science (liquid and solid substrate), sensory science, production logisitcs, winery design, winemaking consulting, and the microbiome. Michelle has been the head winemaker in Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Australia and Italy and has worked additional harvests in Washington state and Bordeaux, France.